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Corporate Social Responsibility

HSBC operates in 86 countries worldwide

Our Group’s status as one of the world’s leaders in the area of corporate social responsibility only increases our sense of responsibility. The experience and expertise we have gained worldwide only makes us all the more effective in this respect.

We approach every new social responsibility project with excitement and passion and work consistently and with commitment to contribute to our communities. Knowing that our people support us every step of the way only makes us more dedicated to contributing to our communities.

As a corporation that is aware of its corporate social responsibility to create a better and more sustainable world, we place great importance on insuring that the projects we undertake are long-term and far-reaching. For this reason, we make it a practice to involve our customers in our projects, and their support makes our efforts even more effective and meaningful.

All over the world, we at HSBC say, with the same commitment and enthusiasm, “We are Committed to the Future”.

We are volunteered for the future… with society.
We are volunteered for the future… with education.
We are volunteered for the future… with environment.
We are volunteered for the future… with art