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Electronic Transfer System

We are here to help you make payments more quickly and easily!

Electronic Transfer System (ETS) is a cash management product designed for customers who conduct large numbers of money order, transfer, and EFT transactions. It allows them to send payment orders to HSBC electronically and make automatic fund transfers.

Features and Advantages

  • Integrated with your accounting packages, ETS carries out your payment transactions by creating payment information in your accounting system and having it transferred electronically to HSBC Bank.
  • ETS software was developed to provide the convenience of making payments electronically when files cannot be received from your accounting package. It can be installed in any number of computers at your company.
  • By sending us an instruction with an original signature, you can ensure that the information transferred electronically is processed in a controlled and secure fashion.
  • Transactions, which are sent via ETS, can be followed by HSBC Commercial Internet Banking and can be approved by the authorized users.
  • Information for any desired number of payments can be entered into the system in a single transfer operation, which reduces operational workload.
  • Scheduled or regular EFTs, money orders, and transfers are processed automatically on their due dates on the basis a single instruction file received in advance establishing the scheduled payment.
  • Potential delays are eliminated by having transactions processed at a predetermined standard time.
  • Transactions are carried out with a secure information flow; since payment information must be sent using PIN’s provided to authorized staff at your Company.
  • ETS can be integrated into your accounting system. Workload is reduced by transferring transaction results to your system.

For more

For further information please call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking at 0850 211 0 424.