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Mobile Signature

So you don’t have to go to your branch...

A Mobile Signature is a form of Secure Electronic Signature employed by devices like mobile phones and Blackberries. Under the provisions of the Electronic Signature Law Number 5070, a Secure Electronic Signature has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. However, an Electronic signature cannot be used for certain legal transactions such as marriage and land registry that require official forms or special legal ceremonies, and it cannot be used for guarantee contracts.

Features and Advantages

  • If you are an HSBC Corporate Banking or Commercial Banking customer and you have received a Mobile Signature, you can conduct your company’s EFT and Transfer transactions online via HSBC Internet Banking without the need for a traditional handwritten signature.
  • With a Mobile Signature, there is no need for you to visit an HSBC branch to make an additional application or for you to apply for an Internet Banking password.

For More

For further information, please visit the Branch nearest you, call HSBC Telephone Banking at 0850 211 0 424 or contact Turkcell.

For answers to your questions about Mobile Signatures, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions document.