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HSBC, your trade solution partner

In today’s world where speed, reliability, and experience are of utmost importance in banking transactions, HSBC is an ideal foreign trade partner with its worldwide network and experienced staff, offering you foreign trade services with high added value and solutions tailored to your business.

Serving customers with more than 10,000 branches in 82 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa, HSBC’s experienced and dynamic staff works to improve the quality of its service by offering new products tailored to customers’ needs as part of its goal of becoming the preferred local bank in every country where it operates. Our job is to understand your business thoroughly and in-depth and to be able to provide relevant, value adding financial solutions.

HSBC is proud to be selected as “Best Foreign Trade Bank in the World” for the past nine consecutive years by many of the world’s leading publications, including Global Finance 2002-2006; The Asset 2003-2006; Cargonews Asia 2003-2005; Trade Finance 2004-2005; Asiamoney 2004; Trade & Forfaiting Review 2000-2005, and Finance Asia 1997-2005. These awards are an indication of the positive benefits of HSBC’s strategy of putting customer satisfaction first.

In 2006, Global Finance Magazine awarded the title of “Best Foreign Trade Bank in the World” to HSBC Asia on a regional basis and to HSBC UK and Hong Kong on a local basis.