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HSBC Commercial Card

HSBC Commercial Card

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The Commercial Card System is a customer loyalty system that acts as an intermediary for the Seller Company to collect payments from the HSBC Bank accounts of dealers or retailers, for whom promotion and bonus programs can also be created, improving operational efficiency for both the Seller and Buyer Companies.


  • HSBC Commercial Cards provide an efficient collection method for seller companies and a convenient payment infrastructure for dealers/retailers, increasing buying power thanks to its flexible maturity structure.
  • Offering convenience for both parties, HSBC the Commercial Card ensures a systematic cash flow between Seller Company and dealers/retailers.
  • Various limits with different characteristics can be defined for HSBC Commercial Cards according based on the preferences of dealer/retailer and seller companies. Those can be Commercial Card limits that are allocated by the bank to the dealer/retailer and used only for purchases from a given seller company and/or they can be Commercial Card limits that are not assigned to a given seller company but can be shared by several Seller Companies.
  • The Seller Company can define a Commercial Card limit for itself, independent of the lines of credit established by the bank for the dealer/retailer.
  • Promotions, loyalty/bonus programs and Customer Relations Management programs can be defined on a seller company basis on the POS terminals used for HSBC Commercial Card transactions. Through HSBC Business Internet Banking, seller companies can monitor payment information and the transactions conducted on the POS throughout the day.
  • The HSBC Commercial Card can also offer the features of the Business Card or the Commercial Debit Card depending on customer preferences.
  • Unlike Credit Cards, the Commercial Card does not have an Account Cut-off Date or Due Date.

Advantages of the HSBC Commercial Card for the Seller Company

The HSBC Commercial Card provides an effective cash management solution for seller companies.

  • Guaranteed, On-time Collection
    The system checks the account balance of the dealer/retailer on the due date, collects the payment due, and transfers it to the seller’s account automatically. If the account of the dealer/retailer has insufficient funds, the amount due is transferred to the seller’s account within the limits of the line of credit established for the dealer/retailer.
  • Collection Regularization
    With the bank assisting in the collection process, the Seller Company can regularize the payment habits of dealers and customers and increase on-time collection rates.
  • Reduced Operational Workload
    In addition to facilitating frequent collections of small amounts, the HSBC Commercial Card also reduces operational costs resulting from cash/check collection and buyer account monitoring.
  • Effective Sales and Marketing OpportunitiesBy delegating its collection operations to the bank, the Seller Company can better focus on its sales and marketing operations and provide superior, personalized service to dealers/retailers. Loyalty programs and templates for promotion campaigns can also be defined on POS terminals.
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
    HSBC Commercial Card transactions can be conducted online via HSBC Bank Business Internet Banking. Seller companies that are members of the system can obtain detailed transaction reports online using HSBC Bank Business Internet Banking.

Advantages of the HSBC Commercial Card for the Dealer/Retailer

The HSBC Commercial Card eliminates cash flow problems for retailers/dealers.

  • Avoid Cash Flow Difficulties
    With the Commercial Card Limit, retailers/dealers can make their payments on credit even when there are insufficient funds in their account, and also meet their short-term cash needs. In this way, their purchasing power is not limited to cash available on hand.
  • Eliminate Operational Transactions
    Collections are made automatically instead of using checks and promissory notes that require extensive operational manpower. Operational costs are reduced through effective cash flow management.
  • Flexible Payment Terms
    The HSBC Commercial Card provides flexibility in terms of payment due dates. Purchases of goods/services can be made in installments or with ready cash. Different terms and installment options can be applied to each purchase.
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring
    HSBC Commercial Card transactions can also be conducted online via HSBC Bank Business Internet Banking. Dealers/retailers who are members of the system can obtain detailed transaction reports online using HSBC Bank Business Internet Banking.

How to Apply

Joining the Commercial Card program is a two-way decision. Both the supplier and retailer/distributor should agree to join the program. Once that decision has been made, contracts are signed with HSBC Bank A.Ş. and application process is completed.

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