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Smart Data Solutions

Best reporting solution for your Business and Corporate Cards!

Smart Data Solutions

Choose the best solution for your company!

SmartDataGen2 is web based reporting and expense management system for HSBC Business Cards and HSBC Corporate Cards in order to manage spendings and infomation.

SmartDataGen2 can provide complete, on time and according to your company’s needs customized information through Systems Database MasterCard Global Data Repository including daily information from all card providers in the world and suppliers of services (airline, hotels etc.)

Anvantages and Options of MasterCard smartdata.gen2™

 Automation and Increasing of Productivity
  • In order to meet large scale and multinational corporate company’s needs, 14 different languages, local and different configuration and different country’s currencies are provided.
  • Set up of the system is easy and no hardware or software required.
  • Expenditures which is done with HSBC Business or Corporate Cards are reported with more details rather than others (card number, card holder, amount, place, time etc.)
  • Expenditures can be uploaded and viewed on daily basis.
 Effective Expense Management and Control
  • Expenditures can be seperated online as individual or company expenditure according to the company criteria’s.
  • System allows assigning and following transactions to specific accounting codes and adding expense groups and comments.
  • It is available to add other expenditiures to the reports ( ex: Taxi expenditures).
  • Expenses can be approved by card users and managers in terms of transactions by checking the expenses. Managers have access to all card users transactions and can see which transaction is approved by whom.
 Flexible Reporting
  • By locking checked and marked transactions automatically, making changes will be blocked.
  • In addition to more than 50 standard reports, customized files for integration to ERP and other accounting software are provided.
  • Files can be imported to Microsoft Excel format for data analysis.
  • Downloaded transactions are automatically marked and duplicate accounting risk is eliminated.
  • Smartdata Online provides security in optimum level with multi factor accessing, account and card number masking and transaction history report.
  • All data is protected in industry standards SSL and 128-bit coding.
  • All users can access to the self-authorized data and transactions with their passwords.

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