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Overdraft Account

Your "Overdraft Account" will meet your daily cash needs and payments even if you do not have sufficient funds in your demand deposit account.

Features and Advantages

  • Using your HSBC Debit Card, you can withdraw cash or make payments within the Overdraft Account limit defined for your TRY demand deposit account.
  • With an Overdraft Account, your credit card, automatic and regular payments are made on the due date, even when there are insufficient funds in your account, up to the amount of your Overdraft Account limit.
  • The amount credited from your Overdraft Account for your cash needs and automatic payments will be repaid automatically from your end of day bank balance as soon as you deposit funds into your demand deposit account.
  • The interest on the credit amount you use for your cash needs and payments is calculated on a daily basis. 10% of the previous month's principal amount that you used from your overdraft account, plus any relevant interest and tax charges, and cost of the bank statement which are sent through direct mail will be collected automatically from your account every month.
  • You can monitor changes in your account via the monthly account statement sent to your address by regular mail or email.
  • You can withdraw cash using your Overdraft Account limit at any ATM in Turkey, and from over hundred of thousands ATMs that display your HSBC Debit Card’s emblem abroad. When shopping, you can use your Overdraft Account in merchants displaying your HSBC Debit Card’s emblem. In addition, if you have a demand deposit account linked to your HSBC Credit Card, you may withdraw cash within funds available in your demand deposit account.

* Ortak Nokta is an ATM sharing network whose members include many of Turkey’s leading banks.

Interest/Fees /Limit and Benefits

Information is available on interest rates of Overdraft Accounts, fees, limits and benefits.

Application Procedure

Please click for the documents needed for the application.

For More

For further information, please call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking at
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