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ATM Express

ATM Express goes a step further from HSBC Bank ATMs and provides you the service to deposit cash to your account or credit card instatnly 7/24 beside all other banking transactions.

Which transaction can you perform from ATM Express?

You can perform all banking transaction like other HSBC Bank ATMs and also you can

  • Deposit cash to your account instantly
  • Pay to your credit card by either using your card, cardless.

Features and facilities:

  • Only 5,10,20,50,100 and 200 TL banknotes are accepted.
  • You can deposit maximum of 40 banknotes at one time.
  • You need to deposit cash aligned, not folded and vertically to the “Cash Deposit” part on the ATM.
  • Folded, tear and wet banknotes will not be accepted by ATM Express.
  • Daily customer limit to deposit cash and credit card debt up maximum 19.990 TL
  • If you have a USD or EUR account linked to your card; You can make online deposits in USD and EUR within the daily deposit limit.
  • You can pay your credit card extract stated in USD for your credit card, online in cash.

(*) The small change amount (not enough to be returned as a banknote but only to be paid as coins) that may occur after a credit payment shall be deposited to your credit card.