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You can use HSBC Credit Card and HSBC Bank Card 7/24 quickly and easily at ATM network of HSBC Bank.

Which transactions you can perform via ATM?

  • Cash withdrawal, cash advance, bill payment, credit card repayment, money transfer, fund and foreign exchange transactions can be performed 7/24 via HSBC Bank ATMs.
  • You can withdraw USD, Euro and Pound beside TL within your daily TL withdrawal limit from HSBC Bank ATMs where you see TL/$/ €/£ sign.*
  • You can use HSBC Bank ATMs to withdraw cash advance by using all other bank’s credit cards.
  • If you have an account related to your credit card, you can perform all HSBC Bank Card transactions using your credit card from HSBC Bank ATMs.
  • You can perform all of your banking transactions in English by choosing English language option.
  • At HSBC Bank ATMs, you can use your bank card bearing Visa Electron, Vpay or Maestro / Cirrus and/or TROY emblem of other domestic and international markets.

* In order to withdraw USD, Euro or Pound, related foreign exchage demand deposit account shoud be related to your credit card or debit card. You can call 0850 211 0 111 HSBC Bank Telephone Banking in order to relate an account to your card.