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HSBC Yatırım B Type Gold Fund

Golden Investment Opportunity!

HSBC offers HSBC Yatırım B Type Gold Fund for investors who want to invest in gold.

Investors can invest in a mutual fund that is designed to produce yields in parallel to movements in gold prices and take the potential return that gold can generate in the short-medium-long term with HSBC Yatırım B Type Gold Fund.


  • HSBC Yatırım Gold Fund is a B type mutual fund that seeks to generate returns in parallel to price movements in gold.
  • Allows customers to benefit from gold market yields even with small investment amounts. Offers safe storage and ease in buy-sell transactions.
  • Allows cash liquidity. One business day for both subscription and redemption is valid as other B Type funds.An amount equivalent to the value of the fund at the time of notice is reserved and retained in the HSBC B Type Liquid Fund.
  • Mutual fund buy and sell orders can be placed during business hours at all HSBC Bank Branches and at your convenience (7 days and 24 hours)* through HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111, HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking and HSBC Bank ATMs.

HSBC Mutual Funds

HSBC Mutual Funds offer a wide range of portfolio compositions tailored to different risk and return levels.


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For further information, please call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111.

* On weekdays, buying orders for HSBCL (HSBC Bank's B Type Liquid Fund) can be placed between 13:46-18:00, while sales transactions can be performed between 13:46-24:00 within the limits specified by the Bank. On weekends and holidays, HSBCL buy orders are not restricted, while sales are fulfilled within the Bank's limits.