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HSBC Active Account

Let your payments be made automatically, while your remaining balance is invested in mutual fund.

HSBC Active Account earns you money, by investing the funds in your demand deposit account in HSBC Asset Management Short Term Fixed Income Fund, while all your bill, debt and direct debit payments are made automatically.

Features and Advantages

  • Any balance more than HSBC Active Account Minimum Limit* of your account is automatically invested in HSBC Asset Management Short Term Fixed Income Fund. You can increase this limit according to your needs.
  • Your automatic payment orders for credit cards, personal loans, equities, overdraft accounts, direct debits and bill , and forward dated EFT/money transfers, are made from your account on the due date, by selling liquid funds if and when necessary.
  • You may apply for an Overdraft Account to make sure that your bills are paid in full and on time even when your account balance is not sufficient to cover the payments.

* HSBC Active Account Minimum Limit is TRY 750 for Personal Banking / HSBC Advance customers, TRY 1.500 for HSBC Premier customers.

All mutual fund transactions (buying and selling) can be 7 days 24 hours through HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking or HSBC Bank ATMs.

How Does it Work?

Please click to see how HSBC Active Account works to see how HSBC Active Account works.

HSBC Active Account works in the following way:

Every business day at 13:00, HSBC Active Account compares the Instructions for payment and requirements for investment with the current composition of the account balance on a daily basis . If the cash in the account exceeds the the total payment amount and the minimum limit, the excess amount is invested in Short Term T-Bill and Bond Sub Fund (4. Sub Fund) under HSBC Bank A.Ş. B Type Umbrella Fund. If the cash in the account is less than the total amount of the minimum limit and the payments, any existing liquid funds are cashed in to cover the difference.

Afterwards, the account is blocked for the total amount of payments to be made that day, ensuring that these payments are made without delay.

All deposits extraneous to the account's cash reserve are automatically invested in the fund. Deposits made after 13:00 are invested in funds on the next business day. However, you may invest in funds at any time through HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking, or HSBC Bank ATMs.

Checks cannot be drawn on a HSBC Active Account.

For the payment of loans indexed to foreign currency, the related account is blocked at noon for the amount calculated at our bank’s foreign exchange buy rate at that time, but the actual loan amount that is collected is based on our bank’s close of day foreign exchange rate. Due to possible exchange rate fluctuations during the day, some money may remain inactive in the account after payment issues are resolved or the block is lifted.

Problems in the payment of bills via your account may occur. These might occur because the institutions to which payments are due send the invoice to the Bank on the final day of payment, or provide incomplete and/or incorrect information.

For More

For further information please call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111 or visit HSBC Retail Internet Banking