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HSBC Premier focuses on the most important economy in the world. Yours.

Joining HSBC

Further your dreams with guidance and planning to help you realise your lifelong ambitions

HSBC Premier is your reward for investing your money with us. HSBC Premier is available without a monthly account fee if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have savings or investments of at least TRY 150,000 with HSBC Turkey1,
  • You qualify for HSBC Premier in another country.

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1 HSBC Premier is an exclusive product/service package of HSBC Bank A.Ş. and services vary per country depending on HSBC's service offering in that country, countries' local regulations and legal arrangements. To qualify for primary eligibility criteria of HSBC Premier, you should have savings or investments of at least TRY 150,000. Your balance may consist of TRY/FX Time or Demand Deposit, Mutual Funds, Pension, TRY/FX Treasury Bills/ Government Bonds/Eurobond, Discretionary Portfolio Management and/or Equities. HSBC Premier customers can benefit from priority services like emergency cash advance, emergency hotline, FX buy/ sell transactions, and next-day card replacement abroad. We will review your account on a regular basis and if you no longer meet the qualifying criteria, we’ll transfer your account to Bank Account.

Call us on 0850 211 0 112 or book an appointment.