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Mutual Funds

Mutual funds which are professionally prepared maintain bundles of securities and pool together various combinations of risk and return in order to offer investors a wide range of investment opportunities.

Mutual funds fall into two broad categories: A-Type and B-Type.:

A-Type Mutual Funds: A-Type funds are required to have at least 25% of their portfolio value invested in equities which are traded on the BIST on a monthly weighted average.

B-Type Mutual Funds: B-Type funds are not subject to restrictions on portfolio composition. They tend to be invested heavily in fixed-income securities, with portfolios varying primarily in their particular mix of terms to maturity.

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Primary Features

  • Professional management.
  • Wide range of investment opportunities in terms of preferences in risk levels, investment instruments, and sectors.
  • Potential to transform modest savings into substantial investments - rapidly with high risk and slowly with low risk.
  • Timely realization: B Type liquid funds can be transferred at any time. In post-dated funds, A Type mutual fund transfers take two business days while B Type mutual fund transfers take one business day.

Extra Benefits

  • Notice periods for mutual funds are:
    • One business day for subscription and two business days for redemption in A Type funds;
    • One business day for both subscription and redemption in B Type funds except B Type Liquid Fund.

      An amount equivalent to the value of the fund at the time of notice is reserved and retained in the HSBC B Type Liquid Fund.
  • Mutual fund buy and sell orders can be placed during business hours at all HSBC Bank Branches and at your convenience (7 days and 24 hours)* through HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111, HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking and HSBC Bank ATMs.

Mutual Funds

HSBC Mutual Funds offer a wide range of portfolio compositions tailored to different risk and return levels:

For More

For further information, please call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111.

* On weekdays, buying orders for HSBCL (HSBC Bank's B Type Liquid Fund) can be placed between 13:46-16:00, while sales transactions can be performed between 13:46-24:00 within the limits specified by the Bank. On weekends and holidays, HSBCL buy orders are not restricted, while sales are fulfilled within the Bank's limits.