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Mortgage For Overseas Buyers

Turn your dream home overseas into reality with HSBC Bank Mortgage Loan. Furnish how you like, move in when you wish…all you need is to choose the right house for you... HSBC offers the mortgages that suit your needs with tailored features and benefits.

What You Get With This Mortgage?

HSBC Bank Mortgage is extended for completely constructed houses in Turkish Lira (TL).

  • Repayment Terms: Up to 10 years in TL.
  • Borrowing limits: The min. mortgage amount is TL 5.000. Max. 65% LTV (Loan to valuation)
  • 35% down payment that the customer will make towards the property should be through the lending HSBC Branch.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Early repayment and lump sum payments available – both subject to an early repayment fee.
  • Easy repayments via direct debit.

With Credit Life Insurance, your loan amount will be assured in case of accidental/natural death and permanent total disability. Within the scope of mortgage application, the loans are only provided via Turkish citizen with given power of attorney.

Documents We Will Need to See

  • As an evidence of income and employment, we need to see your last three months’ pay slips and your latest P60 – (for UK citizens only) or bank statements for the last three months. We also require evidence of any guaranteed allowances, commission or bonuses that you wish to be considered as income. Additionally, credit check report if available. 

    If you are self-employed we need to see audited or certified accounts, or a statement of earnings from your accountant, for the last three years. 

    We will need to see full details of your current monthly expenditure, including existing loan and credit card payments and other contractual payments.
  • As a proof of identity, a valid full passport or certificate of residency required. In order to verify your current address, an original of the following documents is acceptable: A valid full passport / certificate of residency or the originals of the last 3 months' electric, water, gas or telephone bills.
  • Application form.
  • A copy of the deed for the house to be purchased.
  • A tax identification number (Issued in Turkey).
  • Military Clearance (not required for application, but critical for title-deed assignment).

Additional documents and guarantees can be requested in accordance with the conditions of the loan requested.

Interest / Fees and Charges

Information is available on interest rates for Mortgages and fees

Guarantees on Mortgage Loans **

Guarantees & Collaterals

  • First legal mortgage over the property to be purchased.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Mandatory Earthquake Insurance.
  • Credit Life Insurance.

Insurance premiums are paid by the customer and subject to change according to terms and conditions of the loan. You can obtain your personalised illustration for any mortgage loan related insurances from your local branch.

How to Apply?

Applications can be made via HSBC Bank Branches and in person. Power of attorney would be required for loan extension; proxy would arrange application forms, agreements and all related documentation.

You can contact HSBC Bank Branches or HSBC Bank Telephone Banking on + 9+90 850 211 0 111 (lines are open for 24 hours) for further information.

Our credit facilities are subject to status and security. Additional documents and guarantees can be requested in accordance with the conditions of the loan requested. Rates, fees and conditions given above are provided for indication only and are not a quotation. Fees applicable for mortgage loans are subject to change and variation. Page only contains a summary of main product features. Full terms and conditions will be given during application.

* Important Notes: Please note that if you are not resident in Turkey, you are liable with the regulations of the country you are resident in. HSBC Turkey advises you to check any regulations that you must comply with before applying for mortgage and relevant insurance products/services in Turkey. 

** HSBC Bank A.Ş. acts as an intermediary in selling the relevant insurance and pension products of the manufacturers through an agency agreement.