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One Time Password

Security of your transaction is in your pocket with One-Time Password for use through Telephone Banking.

As an additional security implementation a "One-Time Password" process will be utilized in addition to the Telephone Banking password, credit card password or security questions based on the transactions our customers would like to complete through Telephone Banking.

Specifications and facilities

  • Our customers who select HSBC Bank Telephone Banking will be required to utilize the "One-Time Password" system. The process is simple and only takes seconds to complete.
  • A free of charge SMS will be sent containing the "One-Time Password" to our customers registered mobile phone number.
  • "One-Time Password" may also be sent to foreign mobile phone numbers. "Foreign Mobile Phone" information that is available as a part of the contact details of a customer should be up-to-date and One-Time Password delivery preference should be set to the foreign mobile phone number.
  • "One-Time Password" is not utilized for all Telephone Banking transactions. It applies only for certain financial and informational transactions.