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Multi-Currency Deposit Account

Take the advantage of making conversions between different currencies, without losing any interest.

Çok Para Birimli Mevduat Hesabı


  • You can make unlimited conversions between selected currencies along the Commitment Period.
  • No interest loss during conversions.


  • Multi-Currency Deposit Account can be opened by selecting at least two of TL, USD, EUR and GBP currencies. Account opening lower and upper limits are set by the Bank for each of the currencies available.
  • It is required to hold source demand deposit accounts in related currencies in related branch to transfer required balances to time deposit accounts to be opened within HSBC Multi-Currency Deposit Account.
  • It is not necessary to have balance in each currency selected at account opening.
  • No additional currency can be added to HSBC Multi-Currency Deposit Account after account opening and all transactions are made with the balances transferred at account opening.
  • It is possible to make conversions between currencies along the Commitment Period, without any limitations.
  • Commitment Period is specified by the Bank and it refers to the period that the Bank commits to apply interest with the rates fixed at account opening.
  • Exchange rates to be used for conversions are bank buy/sell rates and conversion transactions are only made based on customer order. Customer order for conversion must be delivered until 5 p.m.
  • Interest rates for related currencies are fixed at account opening and do not change along the Commitment Period.
  • Daily interest is accrued to remaining balances in time deposit accounts opened in related currencies along Commitment Period and interest amounts are transferred to demand deposit accounts in related currencies. Interest amounts transferred to demand deposit accounts cannot be used for any purpose along the Commitment Period.
  • At the end of Commitment Period, total amount of interest accrued in demand deposit accounts and account balances in time deposit accounts in different currencies are transferred to source demand deposit accounts defined at account opening and HSBC Multi-Currency Deposit Account is terminated automatically.
  • No penalties are applied for early closure.
  • HSBC Multi-Currency Deposit Account is opened and closed only through branch. Conversion transactions are also made only through branch. Accounts and account histories can be displayed through other channels but no transactions can be made from these accounts.

What Do I Need For The Application?

If you have not already opened an account at one of our HSBC branches, you can go into your nearest HSBC branch with the necessary documents and open an account. For a list of which documents you will need in order to apply please click here.

If you have already opened an account at one of our HSBC branches, you can open a Multi-Currency Deposit Account with just one simple request and without bringing along the documents mentioned above.

Documents Needed For Application

  • Identity Card
  • Residence document or
  • A utility bill which within the last 3 months or
  • Address details verified by a governmental body.