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Supplementary Card

Take a Supplementary Card to your loved ones, share your advantage with them!

HSBC Supplementary Card

The supplementary card enjoys all the features of the original card, including Advantage CashPoint, Advantage TravelPoint, HSBC Club Lounge, assistant services, special discounts for HSBC merchants, depending on the original card features.

You will have the opportunity to earn more Advantage CashPoint thanks to purchases made by the supplementary card holder. Advantage CashPoint, earned from supplementary card spending, can be used by both the original and supplementary cardholder.

You can apply for any number of supplementary cards for all your loved ones. With these cards, your loved ones do not have to carry cash.

You can set or update the limit of your supplementary card within your own limit.

You can track the expenses made by the supplementary card from the credit card statement which will be sent to the original card holder every month, from HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking or Telephone Banking. If you wish, you can request the account statement to be sent to the supplementary card holder.