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HSBC Premier Credit Card

Turning everyday purchases into rewarding experiences.

HSBC Premier Credit Card

Your HSBC Premier Credit Card1 takes you further than ever, wherever you use it. So from the weekly shop to shopping somewhere much further afield, you could turn everyday purchases into rewarding experiences.

  • Fee free HSBC Premier Credit Card and supplementary cards.
  • HSBC Premier Credit Card benefits from a high credit and cash withdrawal limit.
  • Financial flexibility that you can settle your credit card spending easily by monthly instalments at thousands of Advantage merchants in many sectors from health to automotive, from entertainment to clothing everywhere in Turkey.
  • Optional advantageous travel program: Premier Miles1
  • Faster shopping opportunity thanks to contactless payment feature of HSBC Premier Credit card up to TRY 750
  • Interest free instalment payments plan for domestic purchases over 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 months for free2
  • Up to 25% discount on transfers from address to address with PROGO3,
  • 30% discount from AVIS offices in Turkey3,
  • Free access to Priority Pass Card and access to the special airport lounges of the program for 32 USD per person to be reflected on your statement4,
  • Personal Accident, Baggage Loss / Delay Insurance in domestic and international travels

Advantage CashPoints

With your HSBC Premier Credit Card, you can earn Advantage CashPoints on your spendings at thousands of Advantage member merchants and redeem your CashPoints to enjoy shopping.

Advantage Travel Points

If travel is your passion, you’re heading in the right direction every time you take a trip to the shops. Redeem your Advantage CashPoints as TravelPoints by multiplying by 3 for package holidays and flight tickets booked with your HSBC Premier Credit Card. All you have to do is to call HSBC Premier Telephone Banking on 0850 211 0 112.

HSBC Premier Miles Rewards and Privileges

The HSBC Premier Miles Credit Card lets you earn Premier Miles Points at 0.5% on all domestic purchases and double points (1%) on purchases abroad that you can redeem on flights, business or first class ticket upgrades, hotel bookings and tour reservations. Also offers you valuable savings and discounts.

  • 20% discount on Restaurant Spendings at Weekends5
  • 20% discount on TRY 100 and above e-commerce purchases at weekends8
  • 50% discount for airport parking and valet service at Istanbul, Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airports6.
  • 10% discount in restaurant and hotel spendings over TRY 100 abroad7
  • Up to 33% discount in North & South America travel purchases with Premier Miles
  • Advance miles up to TRY 3.000

1Premier/Premier Miles Credit Card advantages are offered just for HSBC Premier customers. Members can benefit from Premier Miles advantages by paying an annual fee of TRY 340 for primary cards and TRY 167  for each of supplementary cards In the event that you do not meet Premier wealth eligibility criteria and migrate to other appropriate propositions; TRY 293 will be collected for your Premier main card and TRY 142 for your Premier supplementary card/s. When you migrate to other propositions other than Premier your cards will be renewed with HSBC Platinum Credit Cards unless you become a Premier customer again. Please note that in that case, accumulated Premier Miles points will be transferred to your credit card as equivalent Advantage CashPoints.

2Up to 6 months free instalment plan campaign is valid for HSBC Premier client status customers with HSBC Premier/Premier Miles Credit Cards. Customers may benefit from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 instalment opportunities for non-instalment domestic purchases between TRY 750 – 15.000 from non-Advantage membership shops through HSBC Internet Banking, HSBC Mobile Banking and HSBC Telephone Banking after the transactions that meet the criteria are reflected in the bank records. Food, gasoline, telecom, insurance, cosmetics, jewelry, direct marketing and office supplies spending are out of scope. Flight tickets, travel agency and hotel spendings can be paid up to 3 instalment opportunities.

3You can benefit from a 20% discount on bookings through PROGO website and 25% discount when booking through PROGO app. In order to benefit from the discount, the “HSBC001” code must be entered in the invitation code field at the member registration stage. If you have a problem with your reservation, you can call the PROGO call center at 444 7 329 for assistance. For domestic car rentals from AVIS offices with HSBC Premier / Premier Miles Credit Cards, 30% discount is valid depending on the vehicle and model to be rented. In order to benefit from the discount, the “B882000” code must be used.

4Priority Pass Card provides access to VIP and similar exclusive waiting lounges over than 1.000 in more than 120 countries worldwide. Entrance fee of USD 32 per person will be charged to your credit card statement. You can apply for an annual card fee-free Priority Pass Card through 0850 211 0 115. For member lounges please visit

5The weekend restaurant discount campaign is valid for TRY 100 or more domestic restaurant spending on saturday and sunday by the Premier HSBC Premier Miles Credit Card holders. A customer’s (main+ and supplementary cards total) monthly discount is limited to TRY 100 for the customers with balance up to one million TL and TRY 200 for the customers with balance above one million TL.

6Valet and parking discount is valid for payments made in İstanbul, İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airport parking with Premier Miles Credit Card. The discount amount is reflected in the card account after the payment transaction is reflected in the bank records. The monthly discount amount per customer (total for the original and additional cards) is maximum TRY 300.

7Overseas restaurant and hotel discount is valid for restaurant and hotel expenses in foreign currencies of TRY 100 and above with HSBC Premier Miles Credit Card. Discount transactions are made by converting the bank to TRY with the exchange rate after the registration of the transaction reaches the bank. The total amount of discount (total amount and actual cards) that can be earned per customer in the restaurant and hotel discount abroad is maximum TRY 100 for the customers with balance up to one million TL and TRY 200 for the customers with balance above one million TL. Transactions in KKTC and delinquent cards are excluded.

8The weekend e-commerce discount campaign is valid for TRY 100 and above e-commerce purchases on saturdays and sundays for HSBC Premier status customers with HSBC Premier Miles Credit Cards. Tax, insurance, utility payments and restaurant payments are excluded. A customer’s (main and supplementary cards total) monthly discount is limited to TRY 100.
Offer may not be combined with any other campagins