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We realize how important the security and privacy of your online transactions are to you, and we take a wide range of precautions to protect you from all kinds of fraud. In these pages, you will find information about the steps we have taken to protect you, as well as the steps you need to take for your own security.

McAfee® AntiVirus Plus

Protect your computer and personal information against online threats is now.

Five Golden Rules

By following the five golden rules, you will greatly increase your PC’s security when you use the Internet generally.

Social Engineering

Be carefull against fraud attacks through social media, telephone, SMS and e-mail.

Online Jargon

You can find the meaning of the words you need to know about online security..


Phishing is among the most common and dangerous Internet crimes.

Other Online Fraud

Being uninformed about common Internet fraud activities can cost you dearly.

Transaction Signing

Transaction Signing is a security step that controls and verifies transaction credentials by creating a one-time confirmation code for a single transaction via Digital Secure Key or Secure Key.

Secure Key

Secure Key is a device for creating a one-time password which enhances security when you log in Internet Banking &Mobile Banking.

Digital Secure Key

Digital Secure Key is a feature within our Mobile Banking app which is used to generate a unique, single use security code each time you log on to Iternet Banking and Mobile Banking.