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Discover Mutual Funds

HSBC Mutual Funds offer exclusive alternatives suitable for your risk and return expectations!

Multi Asset Funds

Smart solutions for our customers investment needs.

Fixed Income Funds

Safely evaluate your savings with our funds investing in securities with different maturities for investors seeking to obtain returns by investing in fixed-rate interest instruments.

Mutual Funds Investing in Foreign Assets

Funds aims to extend its capital in the long term by investing predominantly in US Dollar financial instruments and various financial instruments!

Equity Funds

You want to invest in the stocks traded in BIST but can not decide which stock to prefer? You can invest in our equity funds which invest in equities with at least 80% of your portfolio and you can leave this decision to our specialist portfolio managers!

Variable Funds

Investing in equities carefully chosen by fundamental analysis along with corporate and government funds!

Gold Fund

For gold shining investments; HSBC Asset Management Gold Fund!