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Mutual Funds Investing in Foreign Assets

Funds aims to extend its capital in the long term by investing predominantly in US Dollar financial instruments and various financial instruments!

HSBC Asset Management Global ETF Basket Fund

HSBC Asset Management Global ETF Fund Basket Fund

Investment purpose of mutual fund is to obtain return on US Dollar basis by investing in various asset classes denominated in foreign currencies, mainly US Dollar. While 80% of fund portfolio is continuously invested in mutual funds and exchange traded funds denominated in foreign currency, rest is invested in cash and money market instruments. Threshold level of the fund is 12 month US Dollar Libor Interest Rate. Fund targets to obtain return in long term, therefore it may not be suitable for investors who want to liquidate their positions in less than one year. Fund price may be affected from fluctuations in exchange rates and in various instruments and markets since it invests in both local and international instruments.

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HSBC Asset Management Technology Variable Fund

The investment objective of the fund is to generate returns by investing in various technology- themed companies and exchange- traded funds in the USA and around the world.

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