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Terms of Service, Security and Exceptional Circumstances

Terms of Service

  • In accordance with BRSA regulations, you can only get service from Telephone Banking after completing the two factor mandatory verification steps.


  • We never call our customers to request their passwords and do not request their security information either verbally on the phone or in writing via e-mail or SMS.
  • Do not share your password / passcode, credit / debit card, account, identity, address, phone and similar information in your social media messages, e-mail, SMS and phone calls.
  • Avoid using the same password for different services.
  • When setting all your passwords, do not use information that can be easily predicted by others, such as your date of birth, consecutive numbers and the same numbers.

Exceptional Circumstances

  • Only our real person customers are served through Telephone Banking. Branches provide service to individuals with a power of attorney.
  • Customers requesting to open their first account within our bank should visit our branches in person.
  • Consumer loan applications can be made through our digital channels (IB and MB) and our branches.
  • Customers under the age of 18 cannot be served via Telephone Banking.
  • Our Customer Representatives will direct you to the most appropriate service channels for our products and services not offered through Telephone Banking.
  • You can report your lost / stolen debit and credit cards to us also by using our "Live Chat" function on our website.