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Easy access to stock markets with HSBC!

Equity transaction services include buying/selling and custody of equities traded on the BIST

Features and Advantages

  • HSBC Bank A.Ş., is an agent of HSBC Yatırım Menkul Kıymetler A.Ş.
  • HSBC Bank acts as an intermediary for the purchase and sale of BIST Traded Equities through HSBC Bank Branches that are equipped with Session Rooms, HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking and HSBC Bank Investment Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 117.
  • Through HSBC Bank, customers can also benefit from public offerings in which HSBC Yatırım participates.
  • Equity transactions are executed with the international service quality of HSBC and local expertise of HSBC Yatırım.
  • In branch offices with session rooms, you can monitor the session, easily conduct your stock market transactions, instantly access the stock market and monitor your orders.

Risk Notification Form for Capital Markets Transactions

Please click to download the Risk Notification Form for Capital Markets Transactions.

For More

For further information, please call HSBC Bank Investment Telephone Banking at 0850 211 0 117.

Tax Regulations

For 2020 tax regulations, please click here.