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Modern Account

Open an HSBC Modern Account now and allow yourself to become acquainted with its features with a welcome interest rate.

HSBC Modern Account

Move to an HSBC Modern Account now and allow yourself to become acquainted with its features with a welcome interest rate. Let your Modern Account take care of all your financial transactions while earning daily interest on your money; leave it to take care of your bills and payment instructions and notify you before payment. Spend your time on you and those you love. With a Modern Account your money increases with preferential interest rates, while you take care of all your daily banking transactions and enjoy added benefits especially for you.

Interest Rates for Modern Account

Modern Account Premier Customer Welcome Interest Rate  Premier Customer Standard Interest Rate  Standard Interest Rate
10,000 - 5,000,000 TL 45.00% 35.00% 7.00%
2,000 - 150,000      USD 0.10% 0.05% 0.05%
2,000 - 150,000      EUR 0.05% 0.05% 0.05%
2,000 - 150,000      GBP 0.10% 0.05% 0.05%

*The rates shown above are annual gross interest rates which will be applied to your Modern Account on a daily basis. The welcome interest rate is applicable for only Premier customers for 45 days, from the day the Modern Account is opened. Above rates are annual gross deposit interest rates indicator of HSBC BANK A.Ş. for Modern Accounts in Turkey. HSBC BANK A.Ş. reserves the right to change the interest rates and apply different interest rates to customers


  • Withdraw and deposit cash without worrying about breaking a fixed term
  • Make direct debit and standing order payments
  • SMS notification before direct debit and standing order payments

While the sum of your Modern Account balance between TL 10,000 - 5,000,000 or USD/EUR/GBP 2,000 - 150,000 is accruing overnight interest with our preferential interest rates, you can draw money from your account whenever you like. When money goes into your account, you continue to benefit from preferential interest rates without having to take any further action.

Features and Advantages:

  • You can open Modern Account in TL, USD, EUR and/or GBP. There is no lower limit for opening an account.
  • With a Modern Account you can carry out all your daily money management transactions with ease.
    • Cash deposit/withdrawal during the day as and when you need
    • Money transfers
    • Direct debits/ standing orders
    • Recognised overdraft limit
  • With a Modern Account interest is accrued daily. In order to generate interest on your account, your balance must be over a lower limit specified by you. The standard lower limit is TL 10,000 and USD/EUR/GBP 2,000. You earn interest on the sum of your balance over 10,000 for TL and 2,000 for USD/EUR/GBP. No interest is applied to the sum of your balance in your current account up to stated lower limits.
  • The interest rate is applied to the amount of your balance that is above the standard lower limit, or another one specified by you, up to a maximum upper limit. Interest is not applied to the part of your balance out of this range. No interest is applied to the blocked amount of your balance within Modern Account.
  • The Welcome Interest Rate is offered only to Premier customers and accrues daily and represents annual gross interest rate. The Welcome Interest Rate is applicable for 45 days starting from the day the Modern Account is opened. Standard interest rate accrues to Modern Account after this period. Each customer can benefit from the Welcome Interest Rate only once. If a customer who closes his/her Modern Account and then opens another Modern Account, he/she can not benefit from the Welcome Interest Rate.
  • Your Modern Account will be established over your existing current account. Your current account balance, along with any new money added to it, will start to grow daily thanks to the Modern Account product’s special features.
  • Each customer can only have one Modern Account for each currency offered. Where a Modern Account is opened from a joint account, neither of the joint account holders are entitled to open a separate Modern Account from another of their accounts.
  • Sums of money deposited in your Modern Account after 17:00 will start to earn interest in effect from the following day.
  • You can access your Modern Account easily at one of our branches or through HSBC Retail Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, HSBC Telephone Banking and via our ATMs.

What Do I Need For The Application?

If you have not already opened an account at one of our HSBC branches, you can go into your nearest HSBC branch with the necessary documents and open an account. For a list of which documents you will need in order to apply please click here.

If you have already opened an account at one of our HSBC branches, you can open a Modern Account with just one simple request and without bringing along the documents mentioned above.

Documents Needed For Application

  • Identity Card
  • Residence document or
  • A utility bill which within the last 3 months or
  • Address details verified by a governmental body.

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain more detailed information about the Modern Account you can take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page or call HSBC Telephone Banking number 0850 211 0 111.