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International Privileges

Exclusive travel benefits to help you enjoy your global lifestyle

Global Currency Accounts

Our global currency accounts let you bank in the currency of your choice, so you can live, work and play abroad with confidence.

With your accounts in foreign currencies, you can withdraw and send money anywhere in the world for free.

Fee Free Cash Withdrawals from all ATMs1

Choose from TRY,USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD and can use it as primary account.

USD, EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD currency accounts can be defined as primary account for transactions abroad. Withdraw USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD from all ATMs abroad with no fees and no commission.

For the cash withdrawals from ATMs abroad, HSBC TR will not charge cash withdrawal fee.

The primary account linked to the debit card is USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or CAD and If the currency of the primary account and the type of withdrawal currency are the same, the cash withdrawal fee charged by the ATM bank is refunded. If the currency of the primary account and the type of withdrawal currency are the same as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD or CAD, the cash withdrawal fee charged by the ATM bank is refunded by HSBC Bank A.Ş at the end of the month.

For example, when your primary account linked to your HSBC Premier Debit Card is defined as GBP, you can withdraw GBP free and commission-free from any ATM in the UK.

In order to withdraw money from your USD, EURO, GBP, CAD or AUD accounts free of charge and without paying commission while you are abroad, it is enough to define your foreign currency account that you want to use abroad via Mobil, Internet or Telephone Banking.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) option may be offered by the ATM bank during the withdrawals. If the DCC option is accepted, the difference between the amount withdrawn and the amount reflected on account may occur due to the parities.

Fee Free Money Transfers2

Transfer money at home or to HSBC accounts in other countries free of charge.

International Recognition

You are recognized as a Premier customer in HSBC Branches all over the world and can benefit from priority and privileged services. If you have Premier status in any of the countries where HSBC Premier service is offered, you can benefit from that country's Premier privileges in another HSBC country.

HSBC Premier Miles3 Rewards and Privileges

The HSBC Premier Miles Credit Card lets you earn Premier Miles Points at 0.5% on all domestic purchases and double points (1%) on purchases abroad that you can redeem on flights, business or first class ticket upgrades, hotel bookings and tour reservations. You can also use Advance Miles up to TRY 3,000.

Exclusive Travel Discounts

Valuable savings on flights, airport parking and transfers, car rental, dining and more..

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  • 20% discount on your everyday restaurant spendings over TRY 1.000 in Türkiye
  • 50% off airport parking and valet services at İstanbul(All), Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman Airports
  • 10% off restaurant and hotel expenses over TRY 3.000 abroad
  • Interest free instalment payments plan for domestic purchases up to 6 months for free
  • 0.5 % HSBC Premier Miles for all domestic purchases and double Premier Miles (%1) for all purchases abroad
  • Up to 33% off travel purchases with Premier Miles
  • Advanced Miles up to TRY 3,000
  • Contactless payment option for purchases up to TRY 750
  • Up to 25% off airport transfers with PROGO
  • Up to 30% off car rentals with domestic AVIS offices
  • 10% discount at Istanbul Modern Museum
  • Cashback offers for your Mastercard® with silver logo from selected merchants in most popular destination countries around the world and online
  • Home&Away gives HSBC Premier credit card holders special offers and discounts for travels, shopping, dining and experiences all around the world. Explore Home and Away global web site.
  • Free access to Priority Pass Card and access to the special airport lounges of the program for 35 USD per person to be reflected on your statement
HSBC Premier Miles Rewards and Privileges

Home&Away Privileges

HSBC Premier credit cards allow you to access Home&Away worldwide special offers and discounts on everything from savings on clothing to exciting days out for the whole family. You can also take advantage of extra special discounts too.

On the Home&Away global web site, you can choose “Card issued in Turkey” from the list and then you may choose the country that you are travelling to from the “See Offers in” field to see what offers are available at your destination.

There's no registration or logging in, simply find an offer you like and see the details on how to claim it. Some offers may be restricted, so please read the terms and conditions for each offer to check if you're eligible.

Explore Home and Away

Emergency Recovery Services

As a Premier customer, you can expect priority treatment at HSBC Bank branches all over the world if something goes wrong.


Replacement Cards

Get back on track with our next business day emergency card replacement service.

Emergency Money

You can claim up to 2000 USD emergency funds if you lose your wallet, offered by HSBC Premier in HSBC Group overseas branches.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your family, wherever life takes you. As an HSBC Premier/Premier Miles credit card owner, you could enjoy the benefits of Premier Worldwide Travel Insurance at no extra cost.

Personal Injury4

Comprehensive cover for medical treatment or getting you back home if needed.

Lost/Delayed Baggage5

Help to recover or replace your belongings on domestic and international flights .

HSBC Premier Worldwide Travel Insurance

Are you eligible?

You can apply for HSBC Premier if you have savings or investments of at least TRY 1.000,000 (or equivalent amount of convertible foreign currencies) with HSBC in Türkiye or you qualify for HSBC Premier in another country.

See what else Premier can do for you and your family

Wealth Management Services

Comprehensive worldwide wealth solutions for you and your family

Support for Your Family

From planning your child's education to all round family protection

Convenience and Expertise

Providing you with a personally tailored banking experience