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Rental Payments

Paying your rent has never been so easy!

HSBC Rental Payments

HSBC enables you to pay your rent with minimal effort and hassle.

Issue a standing order and enjoy the convenience of automatic payments.

With HSBC’s Rental Payments, it is so easy to pay your rent!

By issuing a rental payment order, your rent can be paid automatically whether your landlord’s account is at HSBC or not.

Money order or EFT... No commission !

Features and Advantages:

  • Pay your rent on time, all the time. Sing up for HSBC’s Rental Payments and make your life easy. Simply contact HSBC Bank Personal Internet Banking, HSBC Bank Branches or HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111 and issue a standing order.
  • Follow your payments with no hassle Once you sign up for HSBC’s Rental Payments, your regular bills are paid according to the schedule you specify, allowing you to simply review payments free of charge on your monthly e-statement.
  • You can reschedule dates and change payment amounts even after you sign up and also issue standing orders for your monthly subscription payment.

A Special Offer, Designed Just For You!

Whether you are making your rental payments annually, moving to a new flat or facing new expenses, we have a special credit offer for you with discounted rates and advantageous booking/credit report fee.

Even if your account/fund is insufficient, an Overdraft account can be easily be openned to pay all your bills on time.

Have you deposited your rent before the payment date? HSBC Active Account allows you to earn money by investing to the funds in your demand deposit account in HSBC Bank B Type Liquid Fund, while all your payments are made automatically on time.

With HSBC Direct Debit Orders you can easily pay your bills directly from the same account.