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Salary Payments

Customized solutions for your salary payments.

Salary Payments

HSBC Salary Payments offer special advantages and solutions to firms and customers who pay and receive their salaries via our bank.

Features and Advantages

  • With your HSBC Debit Bank Card, you may reach your salary 24/7 from any ATM in Turkey and from thousands of ATMs overseas.
  • With your HSBC Debit Bank Card, you may withdraw a maximum of 5.000 TL cash from your account at once and during the day. This amount may also change upwards depending on your segment in our Bank.
  • With HSBC Active Account, your salary earns daily income in an HSBC Bank B-Type Liquid Fund while your automatic bill, debt, and periodic payments are made on time.
  • With HSBC Modern Account, you may withdraw and deposit money and give invoices and regular payment orders without the hassle of maturity change.
  • You may benefit from HSBC Retail Loans and the advantage of customized for payroll customers, reduced interest rates and personal loans with no guarantor requirement.
  • Within the framework of your request and our Bank's evaluation criteria, the bank will provide you with an Overdraft limit in accordance with your salary so that you no longer have to worry whether there are funds in your account.
  • With an Advantage Credit Card, you may enjoy shopping at thousands of outstanding member stores in Turkey and abroad that display the MasterCard®/Visa emblem, with the option of paying for your purchases in a single payment or convenient monthly installments.
    • Earn Advantage CashPoints on your credit card transactions and your cash, single, or installment payment purchases at member stores.
    • With your HSBC Advantage Credit Card you may reach cash advances from HSBC Bank ATMs as well as the domestic ATMs of all other banks.
  • You may handle all your banking transactions 24/7 using HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111, HSBC Bank Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.
  • With HSBC Investment Products your savings earn income in investment vehicles such as TL time deposit/foreign exchange deposits, bills/bonds, mutual funds and stocks.
  • To maintain your current standard of living after you retire, you can choose the investment alternatives that are right for you with Pension Plan and benefit from customized insurance policies for all your needs.
  • You may also benefit from free monthly Financial Information, Automatic Payments and Overdraft Account e-statements.

If You Pay Your Employees Salaries Through Our Bank;

  • Benefit from HSBC’s accounting integration and electronic transfer system for your payroll needs.
  • Use secure solutions to facilitate your payments fi preparation and transfers.
  • You will be able to make payments in any foreign currency.
  • Enjoy the convenience of being able to make payments on weekends and holidays.
  • Reduce your workload and operation costs.
  • Increase operational productivity.
  • When paying salaries, enjoy absolute confidentiality regarding all payments and transactions.
  • You may pay your salary payments in every day (weekends, holidays etc...) for salary payments made via our Corporate Internet Banking application and secure FTP system as approved by the company. Finally, the file approval process must be completed until 18:30 on the day of payment, and payments are made within 20 minutes after the file approval is given.

For More

For detailed information, you may call HSBC Bank Telephone Banking 0850 211 0 111.