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ATM Service Agreement Between HSBC Bank and QNB Finansbank | HSBC


At HSBC Türkiye, we have restructured our business to provide greater value to customers.

In line with our new business model, we are ensuring service continuity through the QNB Finansbank ATM service agreement in addition to our existing ATM network.

Within the scope of this agreement:

Our Retail Banking customers will be able to use the QNB Finansbank ATM network for depositing and withdrawing cash into/from their checking accounts or on credit cards (TRY). Our customers will be able to make cash deposits (TRY) into their checking accounts and on credit cards free of charge; and will be able to withdraw from their checking accounts (TRY) up to a certain number of times for free.

Please click here for detailed and further information regarding the transactions within the scope of the agreement.