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Important Notification


Consequent to Capital Markets Board of Turkey’s 23 September 2021 dated 49/1401 numbered approval, on 15/12/2021 HSBC Bank A.Ş. will issue 100,000,000 TL nominal of discount bonds maturing on 8/6/2022 with 18.75% annual simple rate to corporate qualified investors in Turkey via HSBC Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş.

The details of issuance is as follows:

Date of Booking: 14/12/2021
Issuance Date: 15/12/2021
Date of Maturity: 08/06/2022
Rate*: 18.75% Simple / 19.67% Compound
Price of Issuance: 91.752
Amount of Issuance**: 100,000,000 TL Nominal
Rating: (LT National Scale Rating by Moody's, 10/11/2021)

*Rate can be updated according to market conditions.
**Nominal Issue Size may change depending on the demand.