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Information About the Futures Evening Session


Within the scope Borsa İstanbul’s announcement number 2019/73 dated 18.11.2019, Futures transactions as part of the evening session will be available through HSBC Mobile Banking as of 11.06.2020 in addition to HSBC Internet Banking. The transaction conditions for the evening session are given below.

On the first stage of Futures evening session, only index futures contracts (BIST 30, BIST Bank, BIST Industrial, BIST Liquid Banks and BIST Liquid 10 Ex Banks) will be available for trading in evening session.

The trading  hours for the Futures evening session are given below.

Index Futures Session Hour
Pre Normal Session 07:30:00
Continuos Auction 09:30:00
End of Normal Session 18:15:00
Settlement Price Publication ≈18:45:00
End of Day ≈18:46:00
Pre Evening Session 18:50:00
Evening Session Cont. Auction 19:00:00
End of Evening Session 23:00:00
End of Evening Day 23:15:00
Broadcast Evening Session 23:30:00

For an order which was placed in the normal session to be valid in the evening session, “Normal Session + Evening Session” option as Session Type section must be selected during order entry. If the option doesn’t get selected, orders will not be valid in the evening session.

Orders are transacted as Good Till Cancel Order (GTC), Good Till Date Order (GTD) or Daily Order (DAY). Market orders will not be used in the evening session.

Price limits to be applied in the evening session will get determined over the settlement price, which is calculated at the end of the normal session of the relevant day. And it will be applied as -+3% of the settlement price at the end of the normal session.

The transactions realized on the evening session will not be used in the settlement price calculations at the end of the day and end of the maturity.

In the evening session application, order cancellation via phone can be done on the best effort basis. Orders will not be received via phone during these sessions, and it should be considered that the provided services may be limited.

During the evening session, maintenance margin application will be maintained. The risk and collateral balance of accounts that do not trade in the evening session will not change.

While calculating the end of day collateral call for the normal session, the transactions realized in the Evening Session will not be taken into consideration. These transactions will be included in the end-of-day cycle for the next business day.

Detailed information is included in the announcement 2019/73 dated on November 18,2019 of Borsa İstanbul.