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Launching Silver FX Product


As of 29.07.2020, all of our customers will be able to trade Slver FX product.

Silver Current Account

Silver Current Account for a shiny investment!

  • Our customers may trade Silver on the basis of grams through their TL, USD, EUR, GBP, CHF or JPY accounts.
  • Customers may open a Silver Current Account and execute buy/sell transactions with minimum 0.01 gr and its multiples.
  • Silver Current Account is opened with the code of XAG. 1 XAG = 1 gram of silver.
  • Silver transactions are executed with 999/1000 purity.
  • Silver transactions may easily be executed during the working hours in branches and 24/7 in HSBC Internet Banking and Telephone Banking.
  • In silver purchases and silver sales for USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY purchases, there is a 1 percent deduction of Foreign Exchange Tax Transaction.
  • Our Bank shall neither take hold of nor deliver silver physically to the customers.

We will continue to inform you as long as changes occur regarding the silver processes.