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Regarding the Changes in the Fund Deposit Account Promotional Product Fund List


The changes that occurred in the fund list with reference to the 12th article of the announcement text about the HSBC Fund Deposit Account Promotional Product (authorized in line with the Capital Markets Board's letter dated 11/10/2022 and numbered E-12233903-305.99-27044) are as follows:
  • HSBC Asset Management First Unconstrained (Foreign Currency) Fund was removed from the list of fund deposit account promotional product because it was merged under another fund,
  • HSBC Asset Management First Funds of fund (HBN), HSBC Asset Management Red Equity Unconstrained (TL) Fund (HKR), HSBC Asset Management Fourth Unconstrained (Foreign Currency) Fund (HME), HSBC Asset Management April 2024 Unconstrained (Foreign Curreny) Fund (HNS) and HSBC Asset Management Agust 2024 Unconstrained (Foreign Curreny) Fund (HAE) fund deposit promotion product,
  • The name of HSBC Asset Management Multi Asset Third Variable Fund was changed to HSBC Asset Management Technology Variable Fund.
Public Disclosure Platform announcement on the subject can be accessed from the link.

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