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Deposit and Investment Products

Investment Products and Services

Due to the system enhancement, mutual fund buy and sell transactions (including Money Market and Short Term Fixed Income Funds) will not be executed from 20th April 2018 13:30 to 24th April 2018 09:00.

What is new

Private Sector Bonds

Our Premier customers will be able to make their transactions in relation to private sector bonds issued by Turkish corporates, through HSBC Bank branches.

Internet Banking - Futures Contracts (VİOP)

Our Premier customers will be able to make transactions for Futures Contracts traded at Futures and Options Market (VİOP), also using HSBC Retail Internet Banking.

Internet Banking - Application for Deposits with Mutual Funds Product

You can now make your applications for deposits with mutual funds product, using HSBC Retail Internet Banking as well.

Mobile Banking - Stock Transactions

Stock transactions will be also available on HSBC Mobile Banking.

Mobile Banking - Risk Profile Questionnaire and Due Diligence Test

You will be able to complete the "Risk Profile Questionnaire and Due Diligence Test" on Mobile Banking in order to determine your risk profile and the products appropriate to your risk profile.


Modification of Active Account

Our customers will be allowed to designate only one of their individual deposit accounts and also only one of their joint accounts, if any, as Active account. Minimum threshold amount for all our customers to have in their Active demand deposit accounts will be updated as 2,000 TRY.

Mutual funds and Fixed Income Securities Transactions

Mutual funds and fixed income securities (Government Bonds, Treasury Bills and Eurobonds) in the portfolios of our customers can be monitored collectively product basis in a single account, regardless of the accounts used for trading.

Change of Fund ID

"HBKTB", the Turkish abbreviation for the HSBC Portfolio Short-Term Debt Instruments Fund, will change to "HPT", and "HSBCL", the Turkish abbreviation for the HSBC Money Market Fund, will change to "HSL".

Change in Transaction Hours for Mutual Funds with Future Value Dates

You will be able to make buying and selling of mutual funds with future value dates between 09:00 and 16:00 on working days.

Multiple Order Entry for Stocks

Multiple Order Entries for Stocks will not be allowed through service channels other than the trading room and entries for this type of orders will have to be done one by one.

Authorization to Make Investment Transactions on Joint Accounts

No investment transactions (Mutual Funds, Stocks, Government Bonds, Alternative Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Options, Eurobonds, Time Deposit Currency, Currency SWAP etc.) will be possible via successive joint accounts.

Deposits Products and Services


Modification of Demand Deposit Account Numbers

The current account numbers that our customers use will change* but the existing IBAN numbers will remain the same. The renewed account numbers have been communicated to our customers. You can monitor your new account numbers through all our channels, as of 24 April 2018.

In case of (incoming) payments to made to your account number(s) rather than IBAN, if any, you should communicate your new account numbers to the relevant persons and/or entities that send money to your account.

Access to demand deposit accounts by using your HSBC Card at HSBC ATMs

All your demand deposit accounts will be accessible using HSBC Credit Card and Debit Card at HSBC ATMs. The practice of monitoring only the selected accounts through ATM will be terminated. As for ATMs of other banks, you can access the balance of your "Main Account" as usual.

Premier Child Account

Premier child account product will not be offered any longer. Existing Premier Child accounts of our customers have been updated as demand deposit accounts.

Modern Plus Account

Modern Plus account feature has been terminated, our customers can use our alternative products for enhancing your savings.

Free of Charge Money Transfer using Internet Banking, exclusive to Modern Account

Fee exception for money transfers done by using Modern Account via Internet Banking will be terminated as of 24 April 2018.

Renewal of Time deposits

Our customers can just renew their time deposits that are opened at our branches, by only with the option of money addition or withdrawal to be done at our branches at respective maturity dates. Renewals cannot be made using Internet Banking or Contact Centre.

Delivery of Extracts for Automated Payments

Extracts for Automated Payments will not be delivered any longer. You can keep monitoring detailed information about your automated payments through all our service channels any time you would like to.