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Digital Banking

Within the framework of our technological transformation activities that we conduct as HSBC Türkiye, we will upgrade our Mobile Banking application, in accordance with feedbacks from our esteemed customers and in a way to enable you to carry out all your daily banking transactions easily. Our new Mobile Banking application will go live with its upgraded design and transaction set at a date in near future.

What’s new in Mobile Banking

Introduction to Mobile Banking

In addition to the existing Mobile Security Key and Security Key options that you currently use, you will be able to use your Username, Password and SMS Onetime Password  to log in to our Mobile Banking application.

Moreover, you will also be able to get your Internet/Mobile Banking password easily, using Mobile Application.

Account Transactions

You will be able to open Time Deposit and Modern Account as well as Demand Deposit Account in all convertible currencies.

Card Transactions

You will be able to make all types of card transactions including Credit Card Statement Display Cash Advance, Virtual Card, Lost/Stolen Reporting and Card Security Settings by using Mobile Banking.

Equity Transactions

You will be able to make transactions such as Equity Trading and portfolio monitoring through our upgraded Mobile Banking application.

Loan Transactions

Loan Monitoring and Loan repayments can be done by using Mobile Banking.

Bills and Payments

Direct Debit Order and Online payment of Utility Companies  as well as Motor Vehicles Tax payment can be done using the account and Credit Card.

Application Procedures

You will be able to submit your applications for Loans and Credit Cards, using Mobile Banking.

In addition to these features;
New features such as Q-matic, Campaigns, Market Information will be accessible from front page of Mobile Banking.

What’s New on Internet Banking

Introduction to Internet Banking

You will be able to log into Internet Banking by typing your TC National ID , apart from the user ID that you use for logging into Internet Banking.

Access to E-Government

You will have a direct access to E-Government website through upgraded Internet Banking.

Credit Rating Report

You will be able to obtain your Credit Rating Report using internet banking.

Futures and Options Market Transactions

In addition to Futures and Options Market Portfolio Monitoring, you will now be able to carry out Futures and Options Market transactions using Internet Banking.

Account Transactions

In case of need, you will be able access the receipts of past dated transactions and send them as an e-mail to your own e-mail address.

Credit Card and Debit Card Transactions

In addition to existing card transactions, you will be able to conduct transactions such as Lost Stolen Reporting, Changing Statement type, and Limit and Security settings.

Bills and Payments

In addition to payment of bills, new payment types such as Social Security Premiums, Customs Duty, Passport Fee, Mobile Phone Tax will be added to Internet Banking.


Change in Transaction Hours for Mutual Funds with Future Value Dates

You will be able to make buying and selling of mutual funds with future value dates between 08:45 and 16:00 on working days. In the past, these could be made 7 days 24 hours.

Monitoring Fund Portfolio

Mutual funds and fixed income securities (Government Bonds, Treasury Bills and Eurobonds) in the portfolios of our customers can be monitored collectively on product basis in a single account, regardless of the accounts used for trading.

Monitoring EFT - Wire Transactions

You can access the current EFT and Wire Monitoring details using Search function in Account History Loan Closing

You can make Loan Closures at your branch.

Fund Order Cancellation

Fund Order Cancellation can be done at the branch.

Bonds/Bills Transactions

You can make Bonds/Bills transactions at your branch.

Eurobond Transactions

You can make Eurobond transactions at your branch.

Renewal of Time Deposits

Renewal requests other than the renewal option that you choose at the time of opening Time Deposit Account can be finalized at your branch.