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Water Explorer

Water Explorer is implemented in Turkey in partnership with Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting as part of the HSBC Water Programme. More than 300 primary and secondary schools across Turkey took part in the programme in the past three years. Water Explorer aims to raise awareness among students aged 8-14 on water saving and access to water.

At the end of the 3 years, 7000 students have developed projects to create awareness about water issues in their schools, families and their wider environment. Students created an important impact in the areas they live, reaching 42,000 people. In addition, schools organised Water Festivals where they demonstrated their work through water themed songs, games, theatre plays, exhibitions and competitions.

Addressing Water Risks in Turkey for a Sustainable Future

The project implemented with WWF-Turkey is part of the global collaboration and funded by the HSBC Water Programme. It aims to define risks arising from water scarcity and to reveal the importance of water within Turkish economy. As part of this project, “Water Risks of Turkey” report, which examines the relationship between water and economy at Lake Sapanca was produced. The second phase of the project aimed to demonstrate the value of effective resource management for each stakeholder, and how this effort can bring added economic value.

Environment Volunteers

Environment volunteers developed environmental projects with active participation of HSBC Türkiye employees in order to raise environmental awareness as part of the Volunteer for the Future framework.