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HSBC Advance Credit Card

%10 discount for online shopping

HSBC Advance Notice
As of 2 January 2024, our HSBC Advance services will be demised and advantages such as; fee/limit exemptions, preferential rates and credit card discount campaigns will no longer be available.
In this regard, we will no longer add new customers into Advance as of 9 November 2023.
We kindly invite you to the enhanced world of HSBC Premier to continue to benefit from more privileged services where we offer exclusive and international banking services for our valued customers and their families based on their personal needs all around the world through our dedicated Premier Relationship Managers. Please click to explore and start to benefit from HSBC Premier.
For detailed information you may contact your Branch.


HSBC Advance Credit Card

As a HSBC Advance customer, you will feel that you have advantages from every moment of your life. With HSBC Advance Credit Card1

  • 10% Discount on Restaurant Spendings at Weekends2
  • 10% Discount on E-commerce Spendings3
  • Faster shopping opportunity thanks to contactless payment feature of HSBC Advance Credit card up to TRY 750
  • Opportunity to use your CashPoints as TravelPoints by multiplying them by two4
  • Up to 25% discount on transfers from address to address with PROGO5
  • 25% discount from AVIS offices in Türkiye5
  • 10% discount from İstanbul Modern5
  • Free access to Priority Pass Card and access to the special airport lounges of the program for 35 USD per person to be reflected on your statement6
  • In domestic and international travels; Personal Accident, Baggage Loss / Delay Insurance7

1HSBC Advance Credit Card privileges are only valid for Advance segment customers and purchases made by HSBC Advance Credit Card. You can benefit from Advance discount campaigns as long as you meet minimum TRY 150,000 wealth eligibility criteria.

2The restaurant discount campaign during weekend is valid for TRY 200 and above domestic restaurant spendings with HSBC Advance Credit Card by Advance customers on Saturdays and Sundays. The discounts are valid for purchases made from cafe and restaurant sector coded merchants. The discount amount will be seen after the payment placed in the Bank records. Monthly discount limit is TRY 100 per customer including primary and supplementary cards. The campaign is valid until December 31st 2023.

310% e-commerce discount campaign is valid for TRY 300 and above domestic e-commerce purchases will be made via HSBC Advance Credit Card by Advance customers. Monthly discount limit is TRY 100 per customer including primary and supplementary cards. Cash equivalent and pension plan transactions are out the scope of campaign. The campaign is valid until December 31st 2023.

4Travel services are provided by Setur. The services, routes and discounts to be offered within the scope of TravelPoints are limited to the scope of service offered by Setur.

5You can benefit from 20% discount on bookings with your HSBC Advance Credit Card through PROGO website and 25% discount when booking through PROGO app. In order to benefit from the discount, the "HSBC001" code must be entered in the invitation code field at the member registration stage. If you have a problem with your reservation, you can call the PROGO call center at 444 7 329 for assistance. 25% discount with HSBC Advance Credit Card for domestic car rentals from AVIS offices according to the vehicles and models to be rented by using the code “H017100”. 10% discount is offered for HSBC Advance Credit Card holders at Istanbul Modern Museum for admission fees, events, membership programs and purchases at Museum shop for selected items. Discounts are applied by Istanbul Modern during the payment and cannot be combined with other discount or campaigns of Istanbul Modern. Discount is not valid at Restoran Modern and for online transactions.

6Priority Pass Card provides access to VIP and similar exclusive waiting lounges over than 1.000 in more than 120 countries worldwide. Entrance fee of USD 35 per person will be charged to your credit card statement. You can apply for an annual card fee-free Priority Pass Card through 0850 211 0 115. For member lounges please visit

7HSBC Advance Credit Card customers are covered with Personal Accident Insurance with coverage of USD 50,000 for death, permanent injury or loss of limb as a consequence of unforeseen accidents during domestic and international travels upon tickets bought by HSBC Advance Credit Card. Furthermore, in case of hospitalized, the costs of treatments up to USD 10.000 are covered. Additionally, our customers have a guarantee of baggage loss for USD 500 and baggage delay of USD 100 for the loss of baggage due to the loss, damage or delay of the check-in baggage in case they devoid of their baggage for at least 12 hours. Personal Accident and Luggage Insurance Services are offered by Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. HSBC Bank A.Ş. is an agency of Gulf Sigorta A.Ş.