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HSBC Advantage Platinum Card

With the HSBC Platinum Credit Card, you can enjoy all the advantages of the HSBC Advantage Classic/Standard Credit Card and Gold Credit Card, plus more.

Features and Advantages:

  • Special Customer Services: Platinum customers can benefit from special Telephone Banking services by calling 0850 211 0 111.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: You can take advantage of our 50,000 USD Personal Accident Insurance policy and 10,000 USD in medical treatment coverage in the event of an accident in Turkey or abroad.*
  • Lost/Delayed Luggage Insurance: Benefit from 500 USD in lost luggage insurance and 100 USD in delayed luggage insurance in Turkey and abroad.*
  • Platinum MasterCard® Collection: You will have the advantage of special discounts, privileges and sightseeing programs at world-class hotels, stores, restaurants, car rental agencies, and health and fitness clubs in Turkey and abroad.

*Please call 0850 211 0 112 for the details and limits of the services.