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Reward Management

HSBC Türkiye adopted fair and encouraging compensation, reward and benefits policies in order to support their employees and reveal their potential.

Salary, Reward and Benefits Management

In order to support the professional and personal development of our employees, we aim to offer them a fair compensation package in line with our values and principles (taking into account risk and compliance issues) that is compatible with internal balance, competitive in the market and rewarding high performance.

Base salary, variable salary (rewards) and benefits are the main components of our total salary package:

  • Base salary determined by roles and responsibilities,
  • Quarterly incentive or annual bonus implementations that differ according to performance and value-added activities,
  • Benefits that vary in areas such as work-life balance, insurance, savings, health and personal development and including leave, food, transportation, clothing, communication supports.

Recognition Management

At Our Best Recognition is a global recognition and reward platform that allows our employees to appreciate other colleagues who realize their HSBC values in the form of thoughts and behavior. The aim is to develop a culture of recognition, to reward exemplary behavior in line with HSBC values and global standards, and to improve employee experience.

At Our Best Service Recognition long service awards is a program that aims to celebrate our employees who have reached a certain service year globally in the memory of the years we spent together and to offer them a unique employee experience in these special periods.

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