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Continuous Improvement & Talent Investment

Education and training programs are designed, in accordance with our Bank's objectives and strategies, to meet the personal and career development needs of all of our employees. In addition to classroom learning, on-the-job training and e-learning are used extensively.

All necessary technical and skill trainings are provided to employees so that they are enhanced in their roles.

Employees who work in positions that require certification, are provided with all the educational support they need to receive their certifications, with common examples being SPK (Capital Markets Board), BES (Banking Education Certificate) and First Aid certification.

For those just starting their jobs, in-depth guidance and orientation programs are provided regarding their positions and the team in which they will work, with job adaptation training also being provided. Just as there are special training programs designed for specific positions and units (management trainees, telephone banking, teller, etc.), there are also common training programs that all new hires must attend.

While some training programs are offered internally by our own staff of trainers who are experts in their fields, others are provided by third-party training companies. In addition, for some training requirements, we take advantage of the Group's resources and send staff to courses in other countries.

MyLearning, our web-based education and training system collects all our training applications under one roof. Every employee has their own password for the MyLearning and since it is web-based they can access it from any place where there is an Internet connection.

By using this platform to convert training programs that do not have to be classroom based into e-learning, we not only ensure that everyone receives the training they need quickly, but also are able to minimize the amount employees are required to travel. Employees can connect to the system remotely and do their training from the comfort of their own homes.

The MyLearning is not only a platform for e-courses. The system also provides employees with a wide range of documents they can read.

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