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HSBC Concept

What is HSBC Concept?

It is a credit card offering free Advantage CashPoints and installment shopping opportunities in around one hundred thousand HSBC Advantage Member Stores, charging only the preferred and utilized campaigns, and not requiring a card fee or an annual fee.

For which campaigns and additional services do I have to pay a fee in addition to the services offered by HSBC Advantage Credit Card's?

Thanks to HSBC Concept Credit Card, you make use of the standard number of installment and CashPoints ratios offered by HSBC Advantage Member Stores without paying an annual fee for card use. In addition to the existing installments, you can benefit from the campaigns of Plus installments, postponing and semester Advantage CashPoints; the opportunity to receive your account statements via e-mail; the services of SMS Security Package and Direct Debit Orders in exchange for a fee.

Will I have to pay a fee if I request my account statement to be sent by e-mail?

You won't pay a fee in the event that you request your account statements to be sent by e-mail.

Which fee rates are special to HSBC Concept credit card?

Click here in order to see the fees special to HSBC Concept

How do I apply for an HSBC Concept credit card?

In order to receive an HSBC Advantage Credit Card, you can contact us via 0850 211 0 111 HSBC Bank Telephone Banking, visit our website or meet a "Customer Service Representative" in the nearest HSBC Bank Branch by filling in and signing the application form.

Please remember to submit a copy of an identity certificate (identity card, driving license or passport), Turkish Republic Identity Number or Taxpayer Identification Number and an invoice issued in your name within the last 3 months or your residence permit along with your application form. A copy of a valid student identification card is also required for the application of HSBC Concept Üniversiteli credit card.

How do I learn about the fees that I will pay for the services provided by HSBC Concept Credit Card?

Accepting the fee specified through the POS devices in HSBC Advantage Member Stores while shopping, you can benefit from the campaigns of plus installments and postponing. The campaign fee is displayed on the transaction slip and via SMS.

Additionally, with the HSBC Concept, you can follow the total fee you have paid for the campaigns and the services from which you have chosen to benefit from via your account statement throughout one year.

Can I apply for HSBC Concept supplementary cards for my relatives?

You can request HSBC Concept supplementary cards for any number of persons without the requirement that they be related to you, and you can set the limit and cash advance withdrawal authorization for these cards within your established limit.

Can I meet my cash needs with HSBC Concept Credit Card?

Yes. Depending on the amount, you can immediately meet your cash needs via products such as Cash Advance, Installment Cash Advance and InstantMoney (Çatpara) through all ATMs, HSBC Telephone Banking number 0850 211 0 111 or HSBC Bank Retail Internet Banking.